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Why You Would Consider A Guided Sacred Psychedelic Ceremony

In our current society; we have graduation parties when we leave high school - diploma ceremonies for completing a degree. Wedding ceremonies to celebrate a marriage.

There are very few ceremonial rites of passage as recognized by our current cultural state of affairs as per the main societal framework that we find ourselves within.

Relating this back to why you would consider a guided sacred psychedelic ceremony. As we progress through our journey of life as a human being in our story - there will be forks in the road, major decisions to be made, epic shifts in consciousness as we become lucid to our purpose in our shared reality. Where do we find guidance?

Why not from your ancestors and your future and multi-dimensional selves?

Many answers to our deepest searching and seeking questions reside within our hearts, guarded so heavily by past pain and trauma that we oftentimes refuse to look. Psychedelic Magic can give us the landscape and the space to listen to what our inner voice is saying. Sometimes we want a type of validation that the path that we are undertaking is “correct”; and so we seek that from our leaders - our so-called experts. But they don’t know anything about you.

The Magic Within You Does.

It knows exactly what you are capable of. And our world right now is demanding the very highest of us so that we can build the new. And so I can consider many rites of passages that would benefit greatly from having the power of magic mushrooms within them. Coming of age being one of them… but also, the end or the beginning or a major relationship, the birth or loss of a child, a move in home or a change in lifestyle, or even a monthly psyche alignment.

The beauty of ceremony is also the connection to everything and everyone in the grand opera of life. A feeling of full unconditional love of all that we are and all that this life has to offer. And yes, to get to that point can take some inner work and challenge - but truly that challenge is why our divine selves decided to play our our incarnations in the most magical place in the galaxy … Earth.

We have upcoming ceremonial dates in EARTH and FIRE magic, respectively:

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