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How to order Soma Supplements

Please note that currently we only service the downtown Toronto Canada area. Please contact us directly if you have alternative needs.

Step One

Please email with the following information

Subject Line: Soma Supplement Order

Please specify what formula you would like; as well as the # of moon cycles.


Step Two

Please allow us 24 hours to issue you an invoice to the email you provide. Once this invoice is paid; delivery and/or pick-up instructions will be provided.


Step Three

If you reside in the downtown Toronto area we will provide delivery of a fee of $10 CAD. Delivery is free with a purchase of 3 moon cycle bottles or more.


Step Four

Once you receive your package you will also receive a complimentary one month subscription to The Warrior Class on Locals; a place to share your experiences and connection to your earth avatar over the period of the moon cycle.

Additional Information

We recommend downloading our moon journal and moon calendar to take your soma supplements with intention.

Please be aware of your caffeine intake, alcohol, and other stress levels when embarking on this journey.

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