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Who we are...

Sacred Soma Alchemy is a multi-disciplinary team whose mission is to assist fellow creator brings in a discovery of self and cosmic consciousness. Through our years of experience in coaching individuals from a body wellness modality, we have extended our expertise to modalities of mind and of soul. Our calling is to light a heart beacon to others who hear the inner call to connect to their highest and most beautiful self.

You are a divine spiritual being having a human experience.

Sacred Soma Alchemy was born out of a need to serve our human family on earth to reconnect with the earth and our bodies by claiming our power, souls and our divine destiny  - because we do all have one. 


Defined as entitled to reverence and respect. Our mission is to bring the sacred back into life. We choose at an individual level what we choose to bless as sacred, and we should choose and align wisely.


Soma has multiple meanings, and in our case it is defined as both the body and of the sacred brew in our ceremonial rites. By treating our bodies as a temple, that is a way of honoring the sacred in ourselves. 


The act of transmutation and transformation. We have the ability to transmute energies so that we can continue to grow and learn.  The classical definition is that it is the process of change by which to fuse or reunite with the divine or original form. 

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