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Soma is also another word for body.

Part of living in this world is taking care of the earthly avatar that we came into this life into.

Harness Mushroomland along with synergistic health and mental benefits. We created our mushroom supplementation formulas with care and inner standing of the alchemy that is involved when it comes to living optimally. We recommend that when supplementing with Soma that you do so with intention and to assist, we offer our supplement in the form of 28 day moon cycles.

We recommend daily journaling along with the phases of the moon to inner stand your relationship with both the mushies and yourself.

Magical Formulas

formula one soma

Formula 1

A elixir formula for longevity with a synergistic blend of mushrooms including the immune benefits of Turkey Tail and Lion's Mane with Golden Teachers to enhance the effectiveness.


Formula 2

A more energizing and electrifying formula ideally meant before movement, working out, or creative endeavors or activities to provide energy and neuro-plasticity with the inclusion of Cordyceps, Lion's Man and Albino Penis Envy.


Formula 3

The LOVE formula which also includes the magic of Maca to assist with cardiovascular and heart health benefits. For additional body alchemy; we have Penis Envy for extra magic. Best when taking with a friend or partner.