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Soma Supplements

Soma Supplements are a line of Life Enhancing Condiments from Nature's Apocathary meant to assist your body in living optimally. Specific fungi and plants have housed within them very powerful nutritional support so that you can live optimally.  We have taken the care when combining the ingredients in Soma Supplements that the benefits are synergistic with each other. 

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Nature's Apothecary

Our OG original formulation of medicinal mushrooms to support your body, mind and soul.  This formula is our daily longevity and immune support blend. The three mushrooms of focus are Golden Teachers, Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail.

Golden Teachers are considered to be the more "gentle" of the magical mushrooms. Lion's Mane contains within a whole host of benefits from improving cognition as well as increasing NGF (nerve growth factor) which is all about keeping your brain young and sharp. Turkey Tail Mushrooms are a powerhouse as it comes to immune support, due to its strong antioxidant profile and potential to assist in fighting things like cancer as well as anti-aging and providing support to your cells.

Meant as more of a daily support due to its ability to keep your earth avatar maintained and healthy. Please take with intent. As such these supplements come in 28 day moon cycles to honor the grander cycles of the universe.

Formula 2 is known as the electrifying movement formula. The mushrooms chosen for this particular formula have benefits from a cardio vascular perspective as mind-to-muscle communication modality.

Within Formula 2 are Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms, which are known to be a stronger in magical content than its other magic mushroom friends. The other mushrooms to assist with the benefits of this formula include both Lion's Mane from a cognitive support pathway; as well as Cordyceps from a heart health and endurance pathway. Together these mushrooms would generate a physical performance advantage. 

Meant as a performance and activity support, and as a result, is recommended before doing an activity. This is due to the electrifying energy that it produces. Highly recommended pre-workout, dance, or even gaming or creative endeavors. 

The LOVE Formula! This formula is two ingredients: Penis Envy Magic Mushroom and MACA. This formula is known as our "hormone harmonizer" and assists with libido and self-love, hence the nickname of being the LOVE formula. 

Penis Envy are a very close relative to Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms - which are found in Formula 2. While, related, Penis Envy have their own personality associated with them and amplify the hormone benefits found in MACA. Maca is a food that has been leveraged in ancient Peru for hundreds of years. It also has plenty of hormonal benefits

Of the Formulas, Formula 3 does not contain Lion's Mane. As such, for  those with sensitivities to Nootropics, recommend starting here first. Many neurotransmitters are also hormones, and so this formula is focused on generating body communication with self.

Life Enhancing Condiments

We have specific formulas geared towards specific needs. Each supplement has been chosen specifically so that there is purpose to providing your support via all avenues of body, and through that mind and soul.

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