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Movement Meditation Stretch is a practice of intentional movement along to music as a way to meditate and reach an internal flow state. Similar to yoga, Tai Chi and other eastern mindful movement methods; Movement Meditation Stretch seeks to shift your inner world into one of peace and alignment through movements that encourage your bio electrical field to do so.

Movement as Meditation allows us to engage and energize our bodies while calming and quieting our minds. The musical accompaniment to every Movement Meditation Stretch session is specifically curated as to provide the appropriate soundscape through space-time to allow the shift into stillness.


Follow-Along Somatic Stretch Classes

Did you know that when you move in sync with other beings that we release a neurotransmitter called oxytocin; which is one of our happiness hormones? Oxytocin is known as the love and bonding hormone; it is also why many follow-the-leader activities will cause an immediate level of trust in the individual that is leading.


From a human health perspective, movement in synchronization with fellow members of our human family allows us to strengthen our bonds and our ties to the source of the all. Our bioelectrical field responds and is strengthened by movement in a flow state with others; further heightened when the music and intention is integrated in the session. 

Follow-Along Movement Meditation Stretch Classes are offered virtually via Zoom on a weekly basis by donation every Thursday night from 9pm - 10pm EST.

Welcome to the temple of  your body.


You are home here. Sometimes we may feel as though our bodies are fighting us or that our bodies are disobeying us in some sort of way. When you stretch and move and breath with intention - everything slows down. We can breath into the spots that contain tension, note where there is discomfort and feel the release as blood rushes into the joints that can felt impinged from staying in the same place for too long. This is precisely why curating very special music and tunes and vibration is important to create a container within which to practice movement meditation stretch.

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