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Deep within there is a voice that speaks for your heart and connection to the infinite universe.

Have you heard the call?

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You are invited to experience transformational growth and rediscover your highest self

Ceremony from a Sacred Soma Alchemy perspective is one where we create a container to explore inner space through the respectful use of psychedelic tools that have been left for us to rediscover ourselves on a deeper soul level.

Upcoming Ceremonial Dates

No upcoming events at the moment

The Sacred Soma Ceremony Offering

The guided Sacred Soma Ceremony  experience is for the seeking  individual who craves a direct connection to their spiritual soul self and to the divine.  From a Sacred Soma Alchemy perspective, we see ceremony as an offering of a rite of passage in the journey of life. As a husband and wife team, we play the sacred archetypal roles in the ceremony experience so that there is a balance of energies as you work through on a body, mind and soul level who you truly are.

Your experience will be just as unique as you are.

We leverage our knowledge of astrology, neurolinguistics programming (NLP), somatic and sound therapy as well as experience in coaching to provide a protected container for your journey through inner space.


Questions to consider before booking a sacred soma ceremony are:

  • How deep would you want to go during this experience?

  • What are you working on internally?

  • What previous psychedelic experience have you had?

You can secure your date by sending $200 via e-transfer to
Please leave a note in subject line to the date of the ceremony. 
The remainder is due day of initial ceremonial consultation.
The total cost of the ceremony is dependent on your current level of experience as well as individual needs and requirements - as well as what you hope to take away from the journey into inner space.
Please click below for more information on the Sacred Soma Levels of Experience for Ceremony: 

 A Look into the Ceremony Itinerary...

2 Weeks - 48 Hours Before

Pre-Ceremony Preparation

A dietary and preparation checklist will be provided to prepare your body for the journey. A consultation conversation is included to determine the ever-important "WHY" to the sacred experience as well as to cultivate trust and set a direction. An astrology and/or quantum language session may be included based on individual requirements and needs.

Day of Ceremony

Upon arrival you receive a warm welcome from your guides. We will tune and ground leveraging energetic biofield tuning as well as set the spiritual compass together for the soul journey.

Clear your schedule entirely for the day so that you do not feel that you have to be anywhere so that your mind, heart and soul can start to re-sync. Immediately after the ceremony we have integration along with refreshments so that you can recalibrate yourself when returning from the journey.

8 hours - 1 week (or more)


It can take months after some ceremonies to fully reintegrate the lessons and intel received. This is why having the integration conversation - the book end to the whole ceremony experience is incredibly important. A post-ceremony conversation and integration session addresses support on how to take mystical lessons and apply them to everyday life and relationships.

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