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Know Thyself through the Stars

Neurolinguistic (NLP) Astrology

Welcome dear Traveler. Welcome to the Neurolinguistic Astrology of the Sacred Soma Alchemy Offering.  When you took your first breath into this existence of life, all of the planets in all of the solar system was in a specific alignment to YOU. The knowledge derived from the unique cosmic patterns can provide great freedom and inner truth.


Learning about the stories of the stars is a way of gaining inner knowledge of yourself. NLP comes from a perspective that we live in both an inner and external world of story. Our inner dialogue matters from a perspective of how we speak to ourselves on a daily basis; as well as how we are able to communicate our inner world to others. Combining this with astrology, we can have an understanding of the cosmic forces at play as we seek to heal past trauma, find purpose and rejuvenate relationships. 

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