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The Body as a True Technology; Learning How to Wield Personal Power

Our bodies both provide a way by which we can experience the world and lets us know how to best take care of it. The challenge can be in the interpretation of what certain symptoms can actually mean. This can be complicated further when you then have to explain those symptoms to a health care provider.

body technology seeking
Seeking in the desert of the real...

Now imagine this. If you were experiencing pain in your shoulder, to be able to talk to the cells that were firing the pain response. You could truly then get to the heart of the matter as to what is causing the discomfort. As an example, I have in the past experienced nerve pain in my shoulder. Went for ultrasound and doctors all said that there was "nothing wrong".

It sure didn't feel like nothing was wrong. Alas, went on my merry way and leveraged modalities such as Somatic Stretch Therapy and Biofield Tuning; and over time - what I believe was a pinched nerve - it has eased up and now the pain is gone.

Many of our society's institutions do not have a space of the psycho-somatic aspect of pain and how our body gives us messages. The ability to interpret our own body language is a skill we should look into more. No one can know you more than you do. It can just be a little tricky when we hide ourselves or lie to ourselves or get in our own way.

These electrical emotional responses have to find some way of being expressed; otherwise they may remain trapped within the body. It can be seen as one way to explain disease. Another is that if we receive a type of diagnosis - that we play into it more.

To wield personal power in the form of your body's technology is no small feat.

It is precisely why we have a multi-service disciplinary offering. It is about reconnection of the body with the mind and the soul, building back in lost pathways and messages lost in translation.

Ceremony, especially the Mushroom and Earth Magic ceremony, may provide a way to communicate and clear up communication pathways between the mind-body. It may provide the correct stage for you to have a conversation within your body with the cells that are feeling discomfort. Perhaps they just need to be told that they are heard, and they - just like you, all of you... are Loved.

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