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The Power of Your Moon Sign: The Emotional Body & Inner Child

every single individual, at their time of birth will have very specific placements of luminaries in the sky that are unique to them. Of all of these placements, there are the main top three that make up your main personality.

There are three main personal placements when it comes to interpreting your personal natal or birth chart are:

  1. Rising/Ascendant Sign: The constellation that was rising (or ascending) on the Eastern horizon at the time and location of your birth. It also lines up the housing system for the remainder of the natal chart.

  2. Solar Sign: The sign that the sun was in when you were born. This is why we also refer to our birthdays as our solar return.

  3. Moon Sign: The inner emotional you, the inner child and connected to the relationship with the mother.

Another important piece of intel when considering your moon sign is the phase of the moon the moon was in when you were born. For example, a full moon baby will have different energies imprinted on them that one born on a balsamic moon. And full moon babies will feel full moon energies a bit more strongly than others. However, honoring your place, your spot in the cosmic cycle gives us the power to play out what we are here to do.

Your moon sign and placement in astrology can give us clues behind what our emotional triggers are, what our needs are, as well as our own relationships within with both our inner child and our inner mother. Oftentimes we can get very caught up in the struggles of life; and so we forget to take the time and to listen to what our inner voice and our deeper selves are saying.

The messages are not always clear. It can take an inner dialogue to work through them.

Much like the tides, the moon can impact us in ways that we cannot necessarily work out in a logical brain space. Perhaps that is why we feel a call as humans to sync with the moon in some way; that is - to align our intent and our energies with the greater cosmos.

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