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Sacred Soma Alchemy offers Monthly Warrior Class Coaching

We offer monthly weightlifting, body building & sculpting and personal fitness guidance on a personalized level. Every individual has unique goals and requirements. Our monthly coaching offers an opportunity to level up to the next level of your journey.

What your Monthly Warrior Class Membership gets you...

  • Weekly Weightlifting Resistance Training Program that is unique to you and has a focus on cultivating muscular and physical strength

  • Supplementation Coaching and Guidance; via Nature's Apocathary and Soma Supplements

  • Stretching, Flexibility and Recovery protocols for your body

  • Neurolinguistic Astrology Reading + Blueprint; mastery of physical, mental and spiritual avenues are interconnected

  • 30% Discount on in person training sessions (Superhero Fitness) to support your monthly programming plan

  • 30% Discount on all Sacred Soma Alchemy Offerings

  • 30% Discount on Ceremony

  • Discount on Soma Supplements

  • Access to Members-Only Content and Videos

  • Access to VIP Communities on Locals and Telegram

  • VIP Specials and Gifts for Warrior Class Members

Complimentary Service Offerings

A soldier fights what is in front of him, a Warrior defends what is behind 

Dj Mr Golden (1920 × 1080 px) (Instagram Story).png

Not everyone is called to walk a warrior path, but those who are - we provide a space for connection with those who have heard the same call. As within, so without. By cultivating strength within ourselves we also then are able to provide that strength to those we love in ways that matter.


Weight lifting and resistance training is actually an ancient practice. It can also function as a way of meditation - as one's cells sync up with breathing and being able to provide the energy to power through the workout or training session. The connection between body, mind and soul is very much expressed in training.


Ceremonial rites of passage are part of walking a warrior path. When one achieves goals set out, as well as celebrations of achievements are are conducted within the sacred container of ceremony. All Warrior Class members will have specific ceremonial rites of passage open to them.

Image by Tim Foster

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