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Individual Sacred Soma Ceremony

A personal journey of inner standing and potential deep healing

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Service Description

There are infinite reasons why you would want an individual sacred soma ceremony. This includes three appointments: 1. Initial Consultation Includes a goal setting and benchmarking conversation to discuss reasons why one would choose to have a soma ceremony. Leveraging techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) as well as astrology, we help to ground you in your goals and provide context behind the motivation behind seeking the experience. Is it for healing? Is it for transformation? How do you hope this experience will change you? How will you hope to look back on this in one year? 2. Ceremony After the initial consultation, we can mutually agree on a time for ceremony. There is no time limit from the initial consult to book the ceremony itself - we inner stand the need for divine timing and there should be no pressure or rush. To prepare for this date, we supply a nutrition and movement recommendation; as well as ways to meditate and stretch to get your avatar ready. The ceremony itself is an 8 hour journey from start to finish ( much like an epic story ) and so that needs to be taken into consideration. 3. Integration Once ceremony has taken place, within 3 weeks we have an integration conversation to bring full circle the goals of the initial consultation to coming back to earth. How will you use and integrate the lessons and intelligence you have received through ceremony. What healing and "ah-ha" moments can you bring forward with you into your life? What are the next steps in their journey we call life?

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