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The Spiral Journey Through Your Body's Energy Systems

From a symbolic perspective, chakras are constantly moving spirals and multidimensional vortexes of energy. I am sure you have seen the diagram before - from the root chakra up to the crown chakra. Now remember, this is a classification system; a way to describe how our bodies are also reflective of the universe itself at large. It is not a religion or a “belief”, it is just a way of speaking symbolically of our astral and spiritual body in relation to our physical one.

chakra systems of the body

Contrary to belief; the chakra energy system does not move in a linear fashion. Rather the energy system moves in a spiral and circular formation. The heart chakra is the chakra through which the others may open. This makes a lot of sense from a mythos perspective, because the journey to balancing and elevating your body’s chakra systems is one from the root/earth chakra spiraling and ending at the heart. The root chakra is known as the seat of life; and it is the foundational chakra by which all others can be built upon. The same can be said if we think of the roots as been very much connected to the earth - the foundation and soil from which we can grow a life that takes us to reconnect to the divine from which we have sprung. The heart is the key to the mysteries of the energy systems of the body, however, much like human beings … the chakras work together to find balance and alignment.

The beauty of our chakras is also the fact that an open chakra can assist in opening a closed one; and this can be in other individuals. Hence why, just like the chakras and the cells in our bodies, we do truly need each other! Stay blessed my magical friends!

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