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Sound Therapy for Your Inner Body and Self with the Heartbeat of the Earth

Within Sacred Soma Alchemy, we have a therapy that is typically bundled or leveraged in other sessions, such as Somatic Stretch or Superhero Training or Ceremony. Biofield tuning is a practice of using the power of sound via tuning forks to apply sound therapy directly onto the body. Considering that our bodies are organically electric, what the tuning fork does when applied on the body directly is that is allows the synapses and receptors and all of those inner body electric bits start to get into alignment. This is especially expressed with our Circuit Boot Sonic Slider Tuning Fork. This is actually one of our favorites. The frequency of this special tuning fork is

93.96 Hz. This frequency is the 12th harmonic of the Schumann Resonance, which is really what this story is all about.

The Heartbeat of the Earth and Healing

We do not live on the earth, rather we live within her. That is, between us and the cosmos, there is a frequency. t’s the measurement of 7.83 Hz or the electromagnetic frequency of the earth. Human consciousness is affected simply because SR frequencies occur in the same range as human brain wave frequencies, precisely where theta and alpha brain waves intersect. Everything we do is done within this area of electromagnetic influence.

This is also why the feeling of hugging a tree, or walking barefoot in the sand has a healing quality to it direct contact physically to the source of the frequency. Additionally, heightened Schumann Resonance is associated with heightened brain wave activity in humans.

Another interesting thing to note here is that solar flares also impact the frequency of the earth. And if we take this to another level... could human minds affect the frequency of the earth, due to the relationship between the two?

The Relationship between the Heartbeat of the Earth and You

When a system of oscillators is tuned, one oscillator will affect the other, this understanding of matching frequencies can also help us to understand the way that we are affected by the Heartbeat of the Earth's frequency.. The idea that when one starts to vibrate, the other will eventually vibrate at the same frequency is also known as "kindling" The word kindling refers to the matching of neurons across the brain creating synchronicity. This creates the beautiful "flow state" and feeling you get post-meditation or ceremony.

We offer sound healing therapy in the form of biofield tuning as a stand alone service, or with other services.

Do you find the heartbeat of the earth healing?

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