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Elements & Modalities: The Alchemy of Astrology

When we communicate - we are responsible for both the creation of the message and then how that message is received. The lesson of this realization has been a difficult pill to swallow; and much of this resistance to change can be attributed to having more fixed placements in the natal or birth chart. Your natal or birth chart is a map of all of the luminaries and stars and placements in the cosmos at the time that you took your first breath into this plane of existence.

That cosmic blueprint is yours - and yours alone.

It’s precisely why no two Taurus's are the same. No two Scorpios either. However; there will be elements that these designations will find in common and others where they differ.

One way to better understand Astrology is by way of Elements and by Modalities. There are four elements in Astrology - Earth, Fire, Wind & Water. Each of the signs in the Zodiac, from Aries to Pisces falls into a classification of an element. For example; Aries is a FIRE sign. However when we consider a person. They will have placements from the Sun (which is your birthday) to Venus to Saturn to Pluto. And each of these planets will fall within a specific sign with a specific element. So when a reading is conducted for a person, something to consider is what element that this person has many of their planets sitting in. Is this person primarily an Air person? If so , they are considered to be the Sword in Tarot. And Swords are related to the idea that words can be used as a weapon (think about the symbolic concept of a double edged sword - air signs are very mental signs and so in their relationships may seek others who are the same; but also those who may help ground them (such as an Earth sign person). 

Each element in Astrology has a Modality: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. This part of astrology can be very similar to what it is like to project manage, in the sense that people all work in different ways - the idea is to fit the right types together to work together best. Cardinal signs are initiatory and “begin” each section of elements of the astrology zodiac wheel. They are Aries, Cancer Libra and Capricorn. Fixed signs are the middle of the section and are the steady and unchangeable types of the zodiac. They are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. I did a little fun video comparing the fixed signs to the ninja turtles here. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are mutable signs and are known to be more flexible in personality and adaptability.

Look at it like when creating a dance number or sequence; even though I created the dance doesn’t mean that I will be in the front for every number. On a superhero team, not everyone can have the same superpowers right? You have to be YOU. Flash can’t be Superman and vice versa; there is a way that the storylines play out and in the grand opera of the cosmos.

We need you to play the best version of YOU in the game of life :)

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