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Cordyceps Mushrooms Supplementation for Body and Health Benefits

Cordyceps are medicinal mushrooms with potent biochemical properties and a unique and fascinating ecology and history. They have been used traditionally for centuries, with high esteem for improving well-being and longevity. They also considered energizing, able to improve athletic performance, respiration, and libido. Granted, there are a whole host of benefits to supplementing with Cordyceps; and so we will be focusing on 4 main benefits of Cordyceps Mushrooms for your body; especially as it comes to heart health,

1. Increased Exercise Performance

Cordyceps could improve oxygen uptake or aerobic capacity in elderly individuals It could also help resistance to fatigue from exercise. One study found that daily cordyceps supplementation gradually increased the maximum oxygen intake (VO2 max) in young adults after three weeks. Researchers believed these results meant that cordyceps might increase an athlete's tolerance to high-intensity exercise. Cordyceps are also known to help with ATP production, which is the energy powerhouse of the cell. Cordyceps can improve this energy production by up to 50 percent.

2. Anti-aging Properties

It can improve brain function and antioxidative enzyme activity in mice with d-galactose-induced senescence. Cordyceps benefits also include improving immune function. It does this by stimulating macrophage (invader fighting cells) activity, according to a study published in Biotherapy. Additionally, the polysaccharides in cordyceps can fight oxidative stress. (Oxidative stress is widely considered a potential cause of age-related illness.) A 2016 study concluded that these mushrooms have the ability to fight oxidative stress, which also improves immune function.

3. Anti-Cancer and Anti-Tumor Properties

Cordyceps could have anti-tumor effects. Cordyceps have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties on cancer cell cultures. This study tested it on human cancer cell lines including colon , prostate, and hepatoma cells.

4.Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Cordyceps was also found to have the potential to protect insulin-making beta cells. In treatment for diabetes (Type 2). Cordycepin, one of the active ingredients in cordyceps, has been associated with antidiabetic activity in animal models. A recent review of various studies noted that cordycepin's potential effect on diabetes might be due to gene regulation.

Cordyceps mushrooms are definitely a nutritional powerhouse. We have leveraged Cordyceps within our Formula 2 Soma Supplements, and you can check out the Moon Guide that comes along with every purchase below.

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